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[python #WVL-148071]: conversion lat lon to states in MetPy?


I think you may be able to use Rasterio's `mask` module to do what you want:


It seems like you can mask using a list of polygons, which includes polygons 
from Shapely. You would need to open a shapefile with US states using Shapely.

This is how I would approach the problem anyway--I'm not sure if there are some 
challenges to this approach.

Hope this helps,


> Hi!
> I downloaded some General Circulation Models (GCM's) from the Coupled Model
> Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) , which are NetCDF files. I used
> MetPy to open the data and found Panoply a good format to visualize the
> data. Now, I'm looking for a NetCDF tool which can convert latitude and
> longitude (latlon) to states in the United States (maybe just take the mean
> of all latlons in a state)? Is there a function in MatPy which can do this?
> In the end, I want for all states in the United States one precipitation /
> maximum temperature value per timestamp (months).

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