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[python #WNC-125958]: OSError MetPy


How did you upgrade conda? 4.4.7 is really quite old at this point, and I would 
suggest getting the latest from here:


Most notably, I believe they have drastically improved the install procedure so 
that running:

    conda init

From the shell should help set things up.


> Hi Ryan,
> I have upgraded to version 4.4.7 but am getting an issue with my path
> variable. I have attempted to do what it recommends to no avail. This is
> strange since I had no issues with python when going through the metpy
> Monday series a few years ago.
> bash-3.2$ conda env list
> # conda environments:
> #
> base                  *  /Users/mhaworth/miniconda3
> metpy                    /Users/mhaworth/miniconda3/envs/metpy
> playground               /Users/mhaworth/miniconda3/envs/playground
> unidata-workshop         /Users/mhaworth/miniconda3/envs/unidata-workshop
> /opt/miniconda3
> bash-3.2$ conda activate metpy
> CommandNotFoundError: Your shell has not been properly configured to use
> 'conda activate'.
> If your shell is Bash or a Bourne variant, enable conda for the current
> user with

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