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[python #ROU-186368]: Inquiry about METAR station plots


Apologies on the delayed response. Unfortunately, `plot_symbol` does not 
currently support changing color like matplotlib's `scatter` function does. We 
currently have an open issue to add that capability:


Feel free to add your support on that issue. For now, the only work-around I 
can offer is to plot multiple station plots, where the data are segmented by 
the cloud coverage. I know that's not a particularly satisfying work around, 



> Hi my name is Daniel Chacon from Costa Rica, I write to you looking for help 
> about using python to plot Metar Station Plots.
> First of all, I followed your tutorial which is in this link
> https://unidata.github.io/MetPy/latest/examples/plots/Station_Plot.html
> And all worked perfectly (by the way thank you so much for post this great 
> tutorials) until it came to me an idea of trying to plot the cloud coverage 
> with his respectively color (green, red,...) according to the actual flying 
> category which the airport to decide allowed to receive due to the current WX 
> at the moment (VFR, IFR, ....) , but then it was at this moment where the 
> problems started to appear cause I dont know how to plot the cloud coverage 
> with a specific color, I create a new column called FRColor which according 
> to the Flight Category column it puts a value from 1 to 4 in the row, then I 
> used this  new column to create a dictionary and used the dictionary as the 
> color palette in the stationplot.plot_symbol function but it didnt work 
> because reading a lot saw that this procedure I wanted to do, It doesn`t get 
> along very well with matplotlib, could you please help me or maybe create a 
> new metppy video to explain this thing?
> I attach my jupiter notebook maybe you could give it a check, thanks

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