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[python #DCS-251943]: MetPy time series plots


We appreciate the feedback. We really want that code map to be able to handle 
everything and so I consider it a bug that it fails for that--but I do think 
it's valuable that it fails since that led you to let us know it's broken. :)

Fortunately, you can already get the behavior you're looking for. `wx_code_map` 
is a regular python dictionary, so you can us it's built-in `get` method:


like this:

    wxcode_num = wx_code_map.get(wxcodes.split()[0], 0)

Hope this helps,


> One last thing about MetPy . . .
> If a bad weather code is fed to your 'wx_code_map' method, it crashes.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "./ASOS_plot_data_for_archive_hourly_ISU.py", line 437, in <module>
> plot_station_data(date,site,sitetitle,df)
> File "./ASOS_plot_data_for_archive_hourly_ISU.py", line 375, in
> plot_station_data
> wxcode_num = wx_code_map[wxcodes.split()[0]]
> KeyError: '-FZRAGR'
> Might be nice to have a more graceful exit (like returning 0) when that
> happens.

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