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[python #ELT-890167]: You Tube Tutorial MetPy Monday


Good catch! Due to the periodic nature of latitude/longitude coordinates, 
latitudes outside +/- 90 would essentially wrap-- -94.45 is 4.45 past the south 
pole, heading back towards the north.

In *that* video, however, what you're seeing is a bug: the lat/lon variables 
are flipped from what they should be. The code should read:

    lat = 36.18
    lon = -94.45.

The code works just fine, however, because they are passed to 
`query.lonlat_point()` incorrectly. In the video, the call is 
`query.lonlat_point(lat, lon)`, when it should be:

    query.lonlat_point(lon, lat)

or put more explicitly (and avoiding the error):

    query.lonlat_point(lon=lon, lat=lat)

Demonstrating, however, that two wrongs can indeed make a right. ;)

Apologies for the confusion those errors caused, and thanks for reaching out!


> Good Morning,
> I am trying to follow along with your tutorial
> https://youtu.be/fua3HF0PGTo
> I am looking at the code on the screen (at time 1:33 of the video) lines 15
> and 16 dealing with the latitude and longitude. I am confused how you can
> have a latitude of greater than 90 or less than -90.
> Is this correct?

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