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[python #TOA-259523]: Regarding radial and tangential wind plot

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us, and apologies for the delay.

It is beyond my expertise to know what would be best for you here, but to my 
knowledge there aren't yet any robust Python libraries to do this sort of work 
for you. If you have in mind what sort of approach you'll be using to establish 
the center of the hurricane (based on your own research decisions), I may be 
able to point you in the direction of some mathematical and smoothing libraries 
that can help. Once you've done that, there are multiple numpy, math, or cmath 
operators you can use to perform the cartesian -> polar transformation by hand, 
and I can potentially help you with these. I hope this at least points you in 
the right direction, and don't hesitate to follow up if there's more help I can 
provide on the Python side of this problem!

All the best,


> Respected sir,
> Currently, I want to plot "radial" and "tangential" wind from  model output
> data which is in ".nc" format containing variables "u-wind", "v-wind" in
> shape (time, level, latitude, longitude).
> Sir, I am new in python but its syntax seems quite friendly. If possible
> please suggest or share any python code/example from which I could generate
> this plot. It will be a great help from your side.

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