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[python #AQS-174406]: python/netcdf data array questions

Hello! Thanks for following up with me.

For the moment, you can solve this problem you're having by selecting your 2-D 
field at one of your times in your file. I did this with 
`dataset.isel(time=0)`, and then the advection code should continue.

Creating a working MetPy 0.12 environment would definitely be helpful! We will 
look through your provided versions (thanks!) if you can find a version of your 
plotting code that was failing you can share with us.

All the best,


> Thanks for getting back to me with some good ideas; I'm sure you're all
> quite busy.  I took your suggestions and edited the
> "Differential_Temperature_Advection.py" code and renamed DTA.py, which is
> posted here:
> http://www.met.sjsu.edu/weather/models-p/narr/support-files/DTA.py
> I ran into this error:
> --------
> *File
> "/swdepot/anaconda3-2019.10-dev/lib/python3.7/site-packages/metpy/calc/tools.py",
> line 1269, in _check_length    raise ValueError('Length of "coordinates" or
> "deltas" must match the number of 'ValueError: Length of "coordinates" or
> "deltas" must match the number of dimensions of "f" when "axes" is not
> given.*
> ------
> I did not try to troubleshoot, so it could be something simple.  I also
> posted current module versions here:
> http://www.met.sjsu.edu/weather/models-p/narr/support-files/module-versions.txt
> We tried to update to Metpy 12, but ran into a bunch of dependency issues.
> Would you recommend I try creating my own metpy12 env?
> More on this tomorrow I'm sure.  I would still like to address some of the
> concerns in my first post.  I have many versions of that code I was trying
> to run, so I'll have to figure out which one to post for you.
> In any case, I really do appreciate your willingness to help me while I
> learn some basics here.

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