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[python #GGV-297535]: NEXRAD Archive Access


One challenge you're going to have with Collab is that building CartoPy 
requires building some C-code and installing some non-Python dependencies, and 
CartoPy does not provide pre-built wheels on PyPI. Thus a `pip install` of 
CartoPy will require access to a compiler, as well as development headers for 
PROJ and GEOS. I'm not surprised it doesn't work there. I'm not sure if I know 
of anyone who has succeeded with CartoPy+Collab, but it is possible I've just 
missed it.

My best advice is to install with Anaconda/miniconda:

conda install -c conda-forge cartopy

Hope this helps,


> Thanks, I appreciate your help. One additional problem I've run into with 
> this script is trying to get everything to plot using Cartopy. I've tried 
> going through the documentation and trying to get it to install multiple ways 
> and haven't had any luck. One thing that might be presenting a unique issue 
> is that I am running this through Google Collab; however, most of the time 
> you can use a simple pip install for any package issues on Collab.
> Below is a link to the script on Google Collab, let me know if you have any 
> suggestions on how I might be able to get it to work.
> https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1YtRQ6JAK1fmfyAzXNlnNjG4jfOIvaDHy?usp=sharing

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