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[python #MVS-634658]: Metpy LCL question

Hello, and thanks for reaching out!

If you adapt your originally-provided script (without the loops) per the 
previous response, you won't need to construct this loop, and the code should 
run quickly. If you prefer to perform the calculations in this way, your error 
appears to come from the following: you've created your 2-d arrays to loop over 
and place your LCL pressure and temperature into, but haven't told python where 
in these arrays you should place each individual `mpcalc.lcl` output (lclp, 
lclt) like you have for the LCL height `mpcalc.pressure_to_height_std` 
calculation output (lclh). Be sure to check out your array indexing carefully 
when you construct loops like this, especially nested ones!

I hope this helps, and if not please don't hesitate to follow up!

All the best,


> I tried the mask code suggested but now I got this:
> ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence.
> when I run this code:
> lclp=np.empty(((428,614)))
> lclt=np.empty(((428,614)))
> lclh=np.empty(((428,614)))
> for i in range(428):
> for j in range(614):
> lclp, lclt = mpcalc.lcl(sfcp[i,j],sfct[i,j],dp[i,j])
> lclh[i,j]=mpcalc.pressure_to_height_std(lclp).to('feet')

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