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[python #BLO-430107]: Bulk Richardson number calculation - gradients?


There shouldn't be any limitations to the data you pass in. You are correct 
that Brunt-Vaisala frequency is undefined when dTheta/dZ is negative. For data 
points where that is the case, the MetPy function will return values of np.nan 
(as we do for other undefined values).



> Thanks so much Ryan! Metpy and your support really are awesome!
> One other small question - Brunt Vaisala frequency calculation (
> https://unidata.github.io/MetPy/latest/api/generated/metpy.calc.brunt_vaisala_frequency.html
> ).
> From reading around the subject on this metric I am not sure if it is valid
> to use when the potential temperature gradient is negative. Do you know if
> there are any limitations to what data I send this function?

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