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[python #HEQ-278408]: Metpy Profile Calculations


Currently, most profile functions really only work on single profiles, so you 
would need to manually loop cell by cell. There are a few exceptions (like 

Long term, we want all of the functions to support handling full arrays, but 
we're not there today.


> Hi Ryan,
> I am trying to calculate vertical profile characteristics (e.g. Lifted
> Index or Equilibrium Level) across a map.  Am I able to provide the mpcalc
> functions an nd array and have it perform the calculations all at once, or
> does this need to be done cell by cell?
> For example, let's say I have a 1D pressure array and 3D temperature and
> dewpoint arrays of shape (p,lat,lon).  I would want mpcalc.el to return an
> array of shape (lat,lon).
> Thanks,

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