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[python #OMN-209816]: Siphon question


Thank you for the kind words. Siphon works by providing usable Python clients 
to access web services hosted by Unidata and other data providers.

Unfortunately, unlike the NEXRAD Level 2 data available on AWS and other cloud 
providers, we are not aware of any readily accessible, web data sources for 
archived Level 3 products. Therefore, there's no way to implement any such 
functionality in Siphon.

Please do let us know if you stumble upon some source.

Sorry I can't be more helpful,


> Hello,
> Thank you for providing Siphon. It is an important resource needed in the
> research community.
> I am curious if it is yet possible to use Siphon to obtain archived NCEI
> data. For example, I would like to retrieve archived Level 3 data without
> having to physically order it from the NCEI.

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