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[python #IRW-840489]: Fulldisk lon/lat -> x/y data point conversion


The conversion is described in this document:


You'll want to look at section, "Navigation of Image Data". If you're 
doing this in Python, you may just want to rely on the calculations in PyProj 
(using the "geos" transform https://proj.org/operations/projections/geos.html) 
or CartoPy (using the Geostationary projection class 
 The one caveat for either of these two approaches is that you'll need to 
multiply your x,y values by the satellite height to get the proper coordinates 
to pass into those projection classes.

Hope that helps,


> Hello-
> I am working on a python script to display satellite data based on a central 
> longitude and latitude. However, the data grid for the full disk satellite is 
> not uniform, and my best guess still leaves me very inaccurate.
> Can you please provide the conversation between lon/lat and x/y? To be 
> specific, I am working with imagery that can be found here.
> https://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/satellite/goes/east/products/CloudAndMoistureImagery/FullDisk/catalog.xml
> I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need more information from 
> me.

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