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[python #WMX-664910]: Error: Neither Quantity object nor its magnitude supports indexing


I'm glad you've found MetPy, and sorry you've run into problems.

We recently released MetPy 0.10.2 that should solve problems like this. I just 
tried running the example with my environment with the latest versions of MetPy 
(0.10.2) and Pint (0.9) and everything worked for me locally. Can you try 
updating your version of MetPy and see if that fixes your problem?

If that doesn't solve it, can you send me the output of: conda list



> Hi,
> Thanks a lot for your very useful metpy module.
> I am trying to calculate temperature advection using this example:
> https://unidata.github.io/python-gallery/examples/850hPa_Temperature_Advection.html
> But I have an error in this line:
> adv = mpcalc.advection(temp_850 * units.kelvin, [u_wind_850,
> v_wind_850],(dx, dy), dim_order='yx') * units('K/sec')
> AttributeError: Neither Quantity object nor its magnitude supports
> indexing (see screenshot).
> Temp_850, u_wind_850 and v_wind_850 all have shape (91,89). I do not
> have access to the NCSS module that you used in the example so I cannot
> test with that data.
> Any advice you have on solving this would be much appreciated!

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