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[python #AFB-689678]: Help

Hi Sudhansu,

We're glad to hear you're using MetPy! If I understand your question correctly, 
you want to confirm that MetPy performs cross-sections between any two pairs of 
coordinates, regardless of if they are at the same latitude or not. The answer 
is yes, the MetPy cross-section tool will take a cross section between any two 
lat/lon pairs. You can see in the title of the example that you linked that the 
full coordinates of the start and end points are shown. The default output for 
the x-axis label is just longitude, which is why it shows up a little 
differently than the NCL plot.

Best regards,
Zach Bruick

>I am currently starting to use metpy with python. I want to confirm one
> thing that is there any difference between the cross-section function in
> metpy(
> https://unidata.github.io/MetPy/latest/examples/cross_section.html#sphx-glr-examples-cross-section-py
> ) and wrf_user_vert_cross in NCL(
> https://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/wrfinterp.shtml  ).
> Because in metpy we have to provide input for start and end lat and lon
> pairs but in metpy plot x-axis only li=ongitudes are displaying instead of
> latlon pairs as shown in NCL plots.
> Figures attached

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