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[python #LYU-839912]: Help on get GFS 0p25 best forecast data on a series stations

Greetings Yonghui,

Currently, the NetCDF Subset Service does not allow for multiple
points in a single request, so the only way to do what you'd like
is by using a loop. Because these kinds of requests can be a bit
intensive in terms of disk I/O on the server side, we'd only ask
that these requests be made in series and not in parallel (for
example, please don't use multiple, simultaneous threads for the



> HI,
> Iâm a new user of siphon and find it is quite simple to derive the station 
> data using query.lonlat_point(longitude,latitude). Here my question is that
> If I have a series stations that I need to download the time series of GFS 
> forecast data, which is the best way? I can do it one by one as a loop. If it
> Is possible to make a list of longitudes and latitudes, and then let 
> lonlat_point to do it? THX in advance for your kind help.
> Best wishes,
> Yonghui

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