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[netCDF #FGA-310231]: reading the data from multidimensional arrays and variables


The short answer to reading data from variables is:

from netCDF4 import Dataset
nc = Dataset('myfile.nc')
myvar = nc.variables['myvariablename']

data = my_var[:]  # Returns an numpy masked array

I think the documentation you're looking for is available at 
http://unidata.github.io/netcdf4-python under the heading "6. Writing data to 
and retrieving data from a netCDF variable."


> Hi,
> As part of our current project  we are capturing the Green Vegetation 
> Fraction data from NOAA CLASS, so they are providing the data set in .nc 
> format.
> During this process we got stuck at converting them into CSV format readable 
> format. The documentation we 
> referred(http://unidata.github.io/netcdf4-python/) didn't completely 
> mentioned about the how to read the data from the multidimensional arrays and 
> reading the data from variables and dimensions.

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