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[python #VGJ-299776]: Python GOES-16 Plot Question


If you look at the call to `interact`, you'll see:

    interact(plot_GOES16_channel, date=fixed(date), idx=fixed(-2), 
                  channel=channel, region=region)

The parameter idx is passed in as a fixed value of -2; if you look at the 
`open_dataset` function, you can see this value is used to index into `dataset` 
to pull out the file to view. So the notebook only uses the date to determine 
which folder of data to use, and then always uses the second-to-last data file 
within that folder.

You may be able modify the notebook to use the `filter_time_nearest` method to 
identify the file in the catalog closest to your desired time:


For more information see this notebook:


Hope this helps,


> Hello team,
> I've been using your Jupyter notebook for the GOES-16 widget image
> generation and am running into a little issue when trying to get past time
> steps.
> I'm using your notebook from:
> https://github.com/Unidata/unidata-python-workshop/blob/master/notebooks/Satellite_Data/GOES_Interactive_Plot.ipynb
> I added the Full Disk region to the code as well so I'm trying to get the
> every 15 minute image.
> When I try and change the date = datetime.utcnow()  to a different date and
> time from the past ie 2018-09-25, any hour and minute I try to pass into
> the notebook, I only get the 23:30Z image for that day. Is it that I am not
> setting the time corresponding to the image correctly?
> Is there any solution that comes to mind in how to correct this?

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