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[netCDF #WDC-117990]: Help in creating scalar variable with 0 dimension


Sorry you've been having problems. What you need to do is pass an empty tuple 
for the dimension parameter for the creating the variable:

    numLines = goesr_remap.createVariable('numLines', np.short, ())

Then to set the value you do a full slice of the variable and set it to the 

    numLines[:] = 1401


> Hello,
> I am struggling in creating a netcdf file in python that containing two
> dimension data, and additional variables with have no dimension.
> I am trying to create a netcdf file that contains 2-dimesional data arrays
> and additional scalar variables with no dimension, just to hold one value.
> I appreciate any help you can provide me to succeed what I am trying to do.
> Here how I tried to created my netCDF file (using PYTHON):
> ydim = goesr_remap.createDimension('ydim', 1401)
> xdim = goesr_remap.createDimension('xdim', 3152)
> # Create the actual 2-d variable
> gvar_ch8 = goesr_remap.createVariable('gvar_ch8', np.short,
> ('ydim','xdim'))
> # define lat/lon grid for remapping
> latitudes = goesr_remap.createVariable('latitude', np.short,   ('ydim',))
> longitudes = goesr_remap.createVariable('longitude', np.short,  ('xdim',))
> # Here how I tried to creating scalar variables
> # But this results in creating these variables with unlimited dimension
> numLines = goesr_remap.createVariable('numLines', short)   ======> e.g.
> numLines = 1401
> numElems = goesr_remap.createVariable('numElems', short)
> lineRes = goesr_remap.createVariable('lineRes', short)
> elemRes = goesr_remap.createVariable('elemRes', short)
> imageDate = goesr_remap.createVariable('imageDate', int32)
> imageTime = goesr_remap.createVariable('imageTime', int32)

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