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[python #HTF-470787]: Cartopy in NSSL


I don't think our paths have crossed, which is surprising. 

As far as CartoPy and PyART are concerned, here's a notebook we used in our AMS 
short course a couple years ago:


There's an example plotting some counties here:


Happy to answer any other questions you have, but I agree, resources are 
somewhat lacking. If you get the point of having a good example, I'd be happy 
to add it here:


I'd love to come down and get on a soapbox about Python 3, CartoPy, etc.


> Hi Ryan,
> I'm not sure we've met, but with our similar OU backgrounds we may have at
> a conference or workshop in the past... Anyway, I'm trying my best to be
> the Python 3 + cartopy etc evangelist in our NSSL group in Norman. But
> almost everyone's currently on Python 2.7 and basemap. What isn't helping,
> however, is that I'm pulling my hair out trying to find examples for
> plotting e.g. simulated radar data with county lines and lots of other
> minor tweaks that make it look good. Do you have a good resource? The
> cartopy website's gallery focusses mainly on the synoptic scale etc. I've
> spent way, way too long this week on converting from basemap, and I would
> call myself an intermediate Pythonista at worst... I'm not finding things
> as intuitive as I expected, but I'm happy to blame myself for the
> frustration at this point.
> Once I'm up and running, I'm happy to write some Jupyter notebooks etc for
> cartopy applications on the storm scale (with all the problems and fixes my
> group might face converting from basemap), but I need to get there first.
> There was talk (from Gerry Creager et al) here of trying to get you in to
> speak at some point and evangelise harder, haha.

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