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[THREDDS #AUI-646400]: SOS - "Too Many Open Files" Error

Greetings Cameron!

Good news / bad news. So, the good news is that this isn't an issue with too 
many files open on your computer, so you are good there :-) The bad news is
that this is an error being generated from the NCEI THREDDS Data Server, which
means the whole server is going to be unresponsive until it is restarted (which 
looked like they have done).

For your specific question, Siphon uses Python's tempfile module to handle the
netCDF file returned by NCSS. According to the docs for tempfile:

A platform-specific location:
On Windows, the directories C:\TEMP, C:\TMP, \TEMP, and \TMP, in that order.
On all other platforms, the directories /tmp, /var/tmp, and /usr/tmp, in that 

If you close the dataset object when you are done, the tempfile module will
automatically remove the file. However, depending on the OS, these directories 
will get cleaned out periodically, but I am not sure of those specifics (how 
what triggers the purge, etc). You can dig around in those directories to see if
if there are any netCDF files hanging out (if there are files, their name will 
be nonsensical,  as they are created by the tempfile module).

Let me know if you need any other help, and hopefully things are working again 
the NCEI server!


> Hi! I was wondering if someone here would be able tell me where temporary 
> netCDF4 files downloaded from a thredds server using Siphon were stored. I 
> made the rookie mistake of forgetting that the close() function exists and 
> have since downloaded quite a many model output analyses... Now, I get an 
> error telling me that I have too many files open, and I've looked everywhere 
> and can't seem to find how to delete them. This error came from downloading 
> files from a RAP archive, but I have another program that pulls from a 
> real-time RAP that works just fine still... any help would be much 
> appreciated!
> Cameron J. Nixon

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