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[python #OXJ-988166]: DAA file ingested from NOAAPort error in MetPy


That's really weird. MetPy should absolutely handle these files just fine, and 
indeed it works fine for me on my Mac.

What do you get if you run:

python --version
python -c 'import metpy; print(metpy.__version__)'

What operating system are you running?


> As a followup to my emails from last week i have included two files here for 
> you. The
> first one, DAA_20180321_1203 is a file from our npxcd machine which was filed 
> using the
> ldm. My presumption after talking with you last week is that this is a NEXRAD 
> Level 3
> file. I am able to view it in mcidas as well as in IDV. However, when i use 
> Metpy to
> view it i get the following errors:
> ./daa_test.py
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "./daa_test.py", line 15, in <module>
> f = Level3File(name)
> File 
> "/data/users/bdf/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/metpy/io/nexrad.py", 
> line 1577, in __init__
> assert self._buffer.check_remains(self.header.msg_len - self.header_fmt.size)
> AssertionError
> HOWEVER, we found some level 3 nexrad data online which is available with a 3 
> day delay
> and that is the 2nd file i have enclosed (KLWX_SDUS81_DAALWX_etc).
> This file is successfully read by Metpy w/o any issues and i can display the 
> data etc.
> So i am left to ask the question is the ldm decoding the data from noaaport 
> in a file
> format that Metpy can read?
> Your emails below suggest that this should have worked.
> thoughts?

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