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[python #PXA-368178]: pcolormesh and contours are offset by half a grid cell?


Subtracting 0.5 gives you corners on one end, but you still have the problem 
that you don't have the "last" corners for the last row and column of data. 
You'll need to use something like numpy.hstack, numpy.vstask or 
numpy.concatenate to add an additional row/column of lat and lons to have 
corners around all of the grid boxes.


> Thanks, Ryan.
> Yes we essentially do âpass the cornersâ of the grid cells by subtracting 
> 0.5 (times the 1 degree grid scale in this case). I just hadnât found the 
> documentation reason for it.
> I wonder if the dicarded column problem explains our latest longitude 
> headacheâ this time in Python instead of IDVâ (screenshot)
> Well, the answer is in the documentation. Thanks for the confidence building 
> of pointing us there.
> Case closed (from your prespective).

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