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[python #PXA-368178]: pcolormesh and contours are offset by half a grid cell?


You are correct, there *is* an offset...for complicated reasons. Let me start 
by pointing you to the docs for pcolor (pcolormesh is just a fast version of 


So what that's saying is that you're *supposed* to be passing in the *corners* 
of the grid cells, NOT the centers (that makes pcolor very useful for oddly 
shaped grids, like radar data); for that to be the case, you need to be passing 
in X and Y arrays that have an extra row and column compared to the data array. 
Unfortunately (at least in my opinion), matplotlib copied some poor behavior 
from MATLAB; if you pass in X, Y, and data arrays that have dimensions of 
matching size, pcolor will silently drop the last row and column of the data 


I wish it didn't do this, but alas, that's the behavior we have--blame MATLAB!

So to fix this properly, you need to convert the grid centers to grid edges; 
I'm happy to help you work that out. Any chance the original data files have 1D 
lons and lats?


> My treasured Unidata Python mavens,
> It seems like pcolormesh and contour are misaligned: the contours are on the 
> lower left corners of the pixels. Apparently the contours agree with the map 
> (Brian says), so itâs all about pcolormesh being offset.
> We have resorted to manually subtracting 0.5 degrees latitude, but it remains 
> a discomfort:
> cf1= plt.pcolormesh((lon_2d-0.5), (lat_2d-0.5), pcp, cmap='Greens', 
> norm=norm_global, transform=ccrs.PlateCarree())
> at https 
> ://github.com/bmatilla/Precip_MultiPanel/blob/master/NASANEWS_teleport.py<https://github.com/bmatilla/Precip_MultiPanel/blob/master/NASANEWS_teleport.py>
> --------
> Any suggestions? Ring any bells?

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