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[python #ZYD-459970]: MetPy Mondays #11 - Plotting GOES-16 Data with Widgets


That's strange about the blog comment. It just worked fine for me; have you 
tried a different browser? Regardless, this is probably a better forum for this 
discussion anyway. Another appropriate venue would be the python-users list:


Accessing the S3 archive of GOES-16 data is a little involved, due to the need 
to assemble parts of names, so I've attached a notebook with some code I've 
used to do so. It also shows using a different colormap from matplotlib for 
grayscale imagery.

It's important to note that only the last ~30 days are available directly 
accessible from S3. Older files are migrated to Amazon's Glacier storage; what 
this means is that while they show up in the bucket, you need to use a 
different mechanism to request the data. I've not yet figured out how to access 
data in Glacier from Python.


> I have a few comments/questions about this.  First, I have been trying and
> trying to make an online comment directly here:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/blogs/developer/en/entry/metpy-mondays-9-plotting-goes
> but it always tells me that my answer to the simply math question is wrong
> (and I know that I haven't gotten it wrong seven times in a row).
> Second, here is what I was trying to ask.  (1) Is there a way to view
> archived GOES-16 data by modifying the code you have given?  (2) Are
> different color enhancement curves available (e.g., a grayscale for the
> VIS), rather than what is given?

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