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[python #ADK-615283]: Surface Skin Temperature - Thredds server


I looked at your LST-R-with_Raster.pdf file and it doesn't look like there's 
anything wrong with your processing of the data. The area over California in 
that images looks perfectly lined up with the underlying map. My guess is that 
you're concerned about not having data over the rest of the United States?

The problem is that sounder instrument on GOES-13, which should cover the 
eastern US, is no longer functional: 
http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/goes/blog/archives/20112. Therefore the "Super 
National" product really only covers the western US. NOAA's own products show 
this same limitation: http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/PCPN/pcpn-na.html


> Hello,
> Thanks Ryan for taking my call.
> Here is what our goal is : We want to create daily temperature database
> files from the Gini hourly 1Km surface temperature product(
> http://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/satellite/SFC-T/SUPER-NATIONAL_1km/current/catalog.html).
> We plan to produce a table with equivalent grid's lat/lon with the surface
> temperature.
> We are unable to do projection transformation, potentially because lack of
> our background in it. We have been exploring mostly in R, but we can try to
> write it in Python something equivalent.
> So, here is the link to R Markdown which we wrote to explore the
> visualization by downloading netCDF with lat/long attributes. In his case
> , it looks like the coordinates are off (more visible longitudinally )
> https://github.com/trenchproject/RED/blob/master/LST-R-with-Raster.Rmd
> https://github.com/trenchproject/RED/blob/master/LST-R-with-Raster.pdf
> (Output of the markdown)
> Here is where we tried by linking to gini file, and by trying to transform
> from stereographic projection to lat/long, it didn't work. Link to the
> Jupyter notebook.
> https://github.com/trenchproject/RED/blob/master/LST-R-NetCDF-Version.ipynb
> Please advise.
> If needed I can give you access to our Jupyterhub server with the scripts
> etc.
> Thanks,
> Aji

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