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Re: New Client Reply - [netCDF !JZZ-916731]: problems in building netcdf 4.6.0

Hello Peter,

Thank you for reporting your fix; I will take a look at the patches and incorporate them into our next release!


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 8:26 AM, Peter Herman <address@hidden> wrote:
New Client Reply: problems in building netcdf 4.6.0

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been able to solve the compilation problem I reported earlier. I also solved another problem that came afterwards. With this mail I want to inform you on the solutions.

1.  ÂTyping error in dutil.c : this was already solved with patch file 0002-dutil-correcttypo.patch, included in this mail

2.  ÂUnavailability of subroutine strlcat in ncgen3 and ncdump. The problem was that strlcat was linked into libnetcdf.dll, but not exported to libnetcdf.dll.a As ncgen3 and ncdump are linked against the latter library, strlcat was unavailable to them. The problem was solved by exporting strlcat into libnetcdf.dll.a See patch file 0003-ncconfigure-strlcat-export.patch

3.  ÂAfter these patches, compilation was successful, but the program got stuck because it could not create cookie files. That was related to the 'temp' directory. In ddispatch.c the environmental variable 'TEMP' was used when compilation is with the MSVC, but in fact this should be done for compilation for windows, regardless of the compiler used. The patch 0004-ddispatch-set-temp.patch solves this problem

Despite this successful compilation, using the new version of netcdf did not solve my original problem, namely that ncdump is able to read many openDAP files on windows, but not all. There are openDAP files that appear to be perfectly valid files, but that generate an error when approached with ncdump or, in general, with the netcdf library as compiled here.

An example of an openDAP file that reads successfully is:

ncdump -h http://pmr-geoserver.deltares.nl/thredds/dodsC/PMR-NCV/vmsdata/_raster_2016_L_TBS_.nc

An example, from the same server, that does not read successfully, is:

Ncdump -h http://pmr-geoserver.deltares.nl/thredds/dodsC/PMR-NCV/abiotiek/2011/sal_layer04_2011.nc

The error generated is "NetCDF: Invalid argument"

I can confirm that the problem is not related to the curl library. I generated the curl library on MSYS2. This compilation also generated a command line utility curl.exe. Using this, I can perfectly open the offending files, and also use curl for globbing parts of specific variables. There is absolutely no sign of a problem there. I guess this indicates that the curl library is doing its work.

I therefore suppose that the error occurs either in netcdf itself, or in passing information between netcdf and the curl library. It must have to do with special types of variables that do not occur in most openDAP files, but cause a problem in some, but I have not been able to figure out which types are concerned.

If you would have any idea what could be at the basis of these problems, I would be most interested.

Kind regards,


Peter Herman


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