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[netCDF #IYP-931429]: Bug issue NCFORTRAN-29

Hello Evan,

As of this time, it appears that there is still no support for NF90_STRING in 
the current netCDF-Fortran implementation.  

I'm sorry I can't provide a more immediately helpful answer, but hopefully this 
information is useful.

Have a great day,


> In Jan 2014,  the NCFORTRAN-29 bug report was submitted to add netCDF-4
> string support to the f90 interface.
> /Although the NF90_STRING type constant is defined in the netCDF
> Fortran-90 API, there is apparently no support for it in the current
> implementation. Specifically there are currently no functions in the
> library for writing or reading attributes or data of netCDF string
> type. Users are advised to use NF90_CHAR data type instead, until
> support for true strings is implemented. There is unfortunately no
> recommended workaround for reading string-valued attributes or data
> in netCDF-4 files from the Fortran-90 API .../
> Has this been implemented and if so, in which version of the fortran
> distribution.
> netCDF #XFB-271301
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> Evan Fishbein
> Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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