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[netCDF #AWC-509858]: H5Fflush not found

Hello James,

Thanks for providing all of the information; as you've deduced, the HDF5 
library 1.8.8 is too old to use with modern netCDF.  1.8.9 is the minimum 
version required, and 1.8.16 should work just fine.  It appears that you do not 
have `libdl` installed on your system.  If this is the case, you can either 
install it, or, if hdf5 was built without dynamic-loading support, you should 
be able to pass `--disable-dynamic-loading` (instead of using LIBS=-ldl).  If 
libdl is present, `configure` should find it itself, and you wouldn't need to 
force inclusion via `LIBS`.  

It looks like the file you attached, ` Config_4.3.3.1.log`, is actually the 
`configure` script and not the generated `config.log` file generated when you 
ran configure.  If you provide the config.log file I can look at it to confirm 
my suspicions, or you can try my suggestions and let me know if they work, 
fail, or if the symptoms change.

I hope this helps,


> I'm trying to build a newer version of NETCDF and am encountering the
> H5Fflush failure on configure.  Specifically:
> checking for library containing H5Fflush... no
> I'm trying to work forward from an older NETCDF build that worked, to
> something newer.
> * Our last working build of NETCDF was, using HDF5 1.8.8.  I
> was able to reproduce this.
> * I obtained the HDF 1.8.16, and was also able to use that to repeat
> the build
> * Substituting in the NETCDF archive in the procedure that
> built yields the configure failure
> * I observed the remarks about the need for "LIBS=-ldl" in [netCDF
> #AWC-509858], so added that env setting to my build
> * Reproduced the 1.8.16 build with the "LIBS=-ldl" setting
> * NETCDF build modified with "LIBS=-ldl" still yields the
> configure failure
> I am attaching four files as follows:
> 1. Build_4.2.1.1.log - stdout/err for configure and build of NETCDF
> w/HDF5 1.8.16 (successful)
> 2. Config_4.2.1.1.log - configure.log associated with the build of
> 3. Build_4.3.3.1.log - stdout/err for configure of NETCDF
> w/HDF5 1.8.16 (failed)
> 4. Config_4.3.3.1.log - configure.log associated with attempted build
> Assistance of a prompt nature would be greatly appreciated....
> -jrm
> James Mason
> Exa Corp
> Burlington, MA

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