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[netCDF #FLI-445795]: Fortran interface: docs and the future

Good morning Robert,

Thanks for the kind words; you've been using it longer than I've been part of 
the netCDF team, but I feel fortunate to be working on a project that is so 
storied and broadly used.

The Fortran 90 documentation can be found at 
 from a link at the top.  We're reorganizing the documentation on the server, 
and while there is a link in the main C documentation, it should probably be 
made more prominent.

Regarding the Fortran 90 interface and the impact of the Fortran 2003/C binding 
provided by Richard Weed; there are no plans to remove the F90 interface, so 
you needn't worry about that.  Unfortunately, with Russ' retirement last 
November, much of our Fortran expertise also departed.  I'm primarily a C 
developer but am learning Fortran on an 'as-need-to' basis.  That's one of the 
great advantages of our move to GitHub; it makes it very easy for our community 
to submit improvements through their 'pull request' system.  

Let me know if that link I provided doesn't work for you, or if there is other 
documentation you are looking for; I'm sure I'll be able to dig it up!

Have a great day,


> Hello netCDF folks -
> First let me say thank you, thank you for this marvelous piece of software. 
> Iâve been using it for almost 20 years now.
> Then, forgive me if Iâve done something dumb, but I can not find 
> documentation for the Fortran 90 interface anywhere obvious: the pages linked 
> to http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/docs/ all seems to describe 
> the C interface.
> As a follow-on question â what is the relationships between the Fortran 90 
> interface and the new Fortran 2003/C bindings intro cued by Richard Weed? Are 
> there plans for the Fortran 90 interface to remain supported for the time 
> being? The overloading and size checking in the F90 interface (which I wrote 
> years ago with Russ) are certainly handy.
> ---
> Robert Pincus
> University of Colorado/NOAA Earth System Research Lab
> http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/people/robert.pincus

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