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[netCDF #UYN-234315]: Installing netcdf on Linux Fails

Hello Fardin,

Can you please provide the `config.log` and `test-suite.log` files generated 
when you configured and built netcdf-c? These files contain diagnostic 
information that will help us narrow down the cause of the problem you are 

In regards to the 'sudo' problem; the sudo file is maintained by your local 
system administrator, and you will need to discuss with them the possibility of 
getting root access to the machine.  If you are unable to get this access, it 
should not be a problem when building netcdf; you will just need to install it 
in your local directory where you have write access.

Thank you,


> Dear Sir/Madam
> Hi
> Im gonna install netcdf module on fortran and in a
> unix operating system. Based on some guidelines mentioned on
> "https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/netcdf/msg11374.html";,
> Initially I need to install Netcdf-c and afterwards the one for fortran.
> When Installing netcdf-c downloading from
> "http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/netcdf/index.jsp";, After I did
> ./configure and by the end of entering "Make Check" ,at the command line,
> I encounter with two Fails in checking stage. That I have attached a
> photo of what I am showed on Linux Command Window. Just to be mentioned
> here that I am using my university server and applying SSH Secure Shell
> to connect to the server which has Linux  and Fortran on it. Furthermore
> when Im gonna use the command "sudo" and enter my password the system
> replies that "This User is not in the sudoers file".Finall y  the versions
> are as follows:
> Fortran:  GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-16)
> Netcdf -C = netCDF-C
> Netcdf-Fortran: netCDF-Fortran 4.4.2
> Id be grateful If you can help me.
> Yours Sincerely
> Fardin Seifi
> PhD Student
> Discipline of Civil, Surveying and Environmental Engineering
> School of Engineering
> The University of Newcastle, Australia
> Contact Information:
> Mobile: +61 4 1019 8787
> Email: address@hidden

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Ticket ID: UYN-234315
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