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[netCDF #SLL-981968]: regarding the error for make check in nf_test

Hi Jagabandhu,
> I am trying to install an older version of netCDF for my WRF runs. I
> already used the 3.6.3 beta1 version for this purpose earlier. I
> found this to be better for this purpose as well. In view of this,
> I was trying to install this version in my RED HAT Enterprise LINUX
> release 6.4 x86_64 PC (LENOVO) having g77+gfortran+gcc+g++. However, I
> found some errors when I perform "make check". The error comes when it
> goes to nf_test directory. On the other hand, all of the tests seem to
> pass the checking. The log file is attached with this e-mail for your
> reference. Kindly, check the issue and suggest me something so that I
> can overcome the problem since I believe this issue is hindering the
> compilation of WRF subsequently.

We no longer provide support for netCDF version 3.6.3, and
recommend that you use gfortran rather than g77 for your Fortran
compiler, since g77 has also been declared obsolete and we don't
test with it. 

I see you're trying to get linking to work with Fortran calling the C
library using g99 options "-fno-underscoring -fno-second-underscore".
That's a symptom of the problem with trying to bundle the Fortran
library with the C library for netCDF, when there was no standard for
how Fortran subroutines call C functions, which resulted in lots of
different attempts to try to get around the problem, and many support

We support the current approach of having separate C and Fortran library
packages for netCDF, building and installing the C library first, and then
installing netCDF-Fortran, as documented here:


We know users have successfully built WRF using the netCDF-4 C and
Fortran libraries with GNU C and gfortran. g77 has been obsolete and
unmaintained since about 2007, and we don't test with it.

> I visited several forums and found that users adopted several ways
> to overcome this and most of them could not overcome this issue and
> eventually contacted the support team. I adopted all the stuffs I found
> online but could not succeed. Therefore, contacting the support for
> help. I would appreciate if you could help me in this issue if possible.

The problem with adopting all the stuff you find online is that you using
multiple different solutions for the same problem often introduces new 
problems that are difficult to diagnose. The immediate problem you are
seeing is that the C library you built with gcc has underscores in the 
when called from Fortran, so telling g77 to link those functions without
underscores will not work.

Sorry we can't be of more help, but we can't continue to support older
versions of software with problems already fixed in the current versions
that we develop and maintain.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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