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[netCDF #ZSQ-904579]: make install

Hi Agnieszka,

> I've got from a collegue your reply to the same problem,
> which you provided on the 26th of JUne to Michael Schick.
> It was numbered then [netCDF #PSA-339289]
> I'll study the reply and think how to work around the thing on Solaris OS v.9.
> What kind of errors in the library do you believe I'll get when
> I just ignore (comment out) the conflicting definitions in pstdint.h?

I'm not sure, but your question reminded me to send email to the user
who asked the original question, to see if he or she had come up with a
workaround to the problem other than upgrading their Solaris OS or
Sun Studio compiler.

If I get a useful reply, I'll pass it on to you.


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