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[netCDF #TQM-470039]: Static build of netcdf-c

Hello James,

There is nothing inherently incorrect or broken when building libnetcdf 
statically; you should be able to link against it.  I will try to provide as 
much help as I can to get your code to link to netcdf.  I'll need some 
additional information:

1. What platform/compiler are you using?
2. What version of netcdf are you using?
3. If you are using netcdf4 and/or dap, what version(s) of hdf5 and libcurl are 
you using?
4. How are you trying to compile your program, and what is the error and/or 
message you receive?

Is it possible to get a copy of the code you are trying to compile which links 
against netcdf?  This won't be necessary, but it would make duplicating the 
issue and sending you an exact solution much easier.  

Have a great day, 


> Hi,
> Iâd like to build a copy of libnetcdf that can be statically linked. When I 
> try (using âdisable-shared to configure) I find my code will not link with 
> the resulting library. Iâve tried forcing the compile to use -fPIC, without 
> success. Any tips? Is this something that you support?
> James
> --
> James Gallagher
> jgallagher at opendap.org
> 406.723.8663

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