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[netCDFJava #YKI-311528]: Question about Extracting ForecastTime of Grib2

Hi Ruotong:

1) Can you send me a sample file?

2) What version of netCDF-Java are you using?


> Hello,
> Now I have a problem of extracting the APCP(total precipitation) forecastTime 
> when decoding the Japan Model Grib2 file,  the file's forecast time is 24 
> hours, and compresses all the elements(HGT, TMP, APCP etc ) in one grib2 
> file. My problem is when I use the NetCDF Java Library 
> Grib2Pds.getForecastTime() method, the result of APCP is 0(It should be 24), 
> but other elements are all 24.
> I tryed other decoding tools like wgrib2, the fact is the APCP PDS 
> forecastTime in the Grib2 file is 0 indeed, but there is another parameter 
> called "stepRange" that equals to "0-24", but I can't find other method in 
> the NetCDF Java to get the forecastTime in terms of "stepRange".
> If you are familar with Grib2 format, would you show me when 
> Grib2Pds.getForecastTime == 0, how to get the accumulation elements'  real 
> forecast time(like APCP, ACPCP) via the NetCDF Java API?
> Regards,
> Ruotong Wang
> National Meteorological Center

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Ticket ID: YKI-311528
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