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[netCDF #XKL-450124]: Setting the deflation level via the Fortran interface

Hello Arjen,

Thank you very much for supplying your fix; this is very helpful!  It makes me 
optimistic that formal fortran support for MSVC/Fortran (Intel, PGI, etc) will 
not be too difficult.

Thanks again, have a great day,


> Hello,
> I have found a way around this problem. It turned out that several C
> routines were not exported from the DLL and this caused the unresolved
> externals as they needed by the Fortran interface, even though they are
> not actually used as such.
> The changes I made to the C source code to get the library to build
> were simple. I added the macro MSC_EXTRA to all routines in the
> file dparallel.c: nc_create_par, nc_open_par, nc_open_par_fortran,
> nc_var_par_access and nc_c reate_par_fortran.
> With the Fortran interface library for NetCDF4 (netcdff.lib/dll) was
> built successfully and I could set the deflation level via the routine
> nc_create_var as documented. The macro MSC_EXTRA is necessary, because
> on Windows you need to explicitly export routines from a DLL.
> Kind regards,
> Arjen Markus
> From: Arjen Markus
> Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 9:15 AM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Setting the deflation level via the Fortran interface
> Hello,
> I have run into a small issue with setting the deflation level for a variab
> le:
> - According to the online documentation
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/docs/netcdf-f90/
> you can set it via optional arguments to the routine
> nf90_def_var. However, there does not seem to be any such possibility:
> the argument lists of all variants of nf90_def_var I have found have
> no optional arguments.
> - Instead I should use nf90_def_var_deflate, but that routine is
> only included if I turn on the NetCDF4 API and sofar adding that
> option to the build process has failed to lead to a proper library,
> several routines are missing - nc_create_par_fortran for instance.
> I will try to solve this, as you do not have the Intel Fortran compiler for
> Windows at your disposal, but I thought you might like to know about
> the problem.
> Regards,
> Arjen
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