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[netCDF #OWD-309272]: netcdf: file named netcdf.inc and a library file named libnetcdf.a

Hi Bryce,

> I am using a program which requires me to download a netcdf library to use
> with fortran, which I did. However, the main two files that the
> documentation says are needed are: a file named netcdf.inc and a library
> file named libnetcdf.a. I do see a file named netcdf.inc in my directory,
> but there is nothing called libnetcdf.a. Is this something that has been
> renamed or that I'm overlooking? Have I downloaded the wrong library?

The file "netcdf.inc" is an old include file for the netCDF-3 Fortran-77
interface. The current netCDF-4 Fortran-90 library still supports all the
old netCDF-3 Fortran-77 functions, and it generates a netcdf.inc file when
the library is built.

I'm not sure where you're getting the netCDF library or for what platform.
We distribute source from which the libraries can be built for various
platforms. The only pre-built libraries we distribute are for Windows Visual
Studio, as it's difficult to build those. But various package management
repositories build binaries for popular operating systems and compilers, 
and the easiest way to get what you're looking for is one of those systems.

The Fortran library used to be bundled with the C library for netCDF, but
that became impractical to port, use, and maintain, so now they are
distributed as independent packages.  You have to build the C library
first, then build the Fortran library, which uses the C library.

The file libnetcdf.a which you are looking for is the name of the static
C library for a Unix platform. Typically the name for the associated
Fortran library is libnetcdff.a (note "ff" instead of "f"). But the
shared library forms, libnetcdf.so.* and libnetcdff.so.* are usually 
easier to use for linking and have other advantages:


I hope this helps.
have other advantages

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