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[netCDF #PHC-148715]: Suggested change to netcdf-cxx-4.2 code


Thank you for the patch.  The C++ 4.2 libraries are deprecated (as you note), 
but I will take a look to see if the same issue occurs in the latest C++ 
libraries and, if so, will apply your patch to address the issue.  

Thanks again, have a great day,


> Hi
> In debugging netcdf apps using valgrind, I get warnings related to the
> use of uninitialized variables.
> In the older C++ lib, I suggest that you change the NcVar constructor to
> be as follows:
> NcVar::NcVar(NcFile* nc, int id)
> : NcTypedComponent(nc), the_id(id)
> {
> char nam[NC_MAX_NAME];
> memset(nam, 0, NC_MAX_NAME);   <<<===== add this line
> if (the_file
> && NcError::set_err(
> nc_inq_varname(the_file->id(), the_id, nam)
> ) == NC_NOERR) {
> the_name = new char[1 + strlen(nam)];
> strcpy(the_name, nam);
> } else {
> the_name = 0;
> }
> init_cur();
> }
> i.e. add the memset call to clear the nam variable before it is used.
> I did this in a valgrind test environment and it cleared up a lot of
> warnings.
> Thanks
> Mike Dixon

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