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[netCDF #DQY-396981]: Installing NetCDF for Fortran in Visual Studio

Hello Sarah,

I'm afraid we don't provide official netcdf-fortran support for modern Visual 
Studio installs, yet (although we are hoping to have that soon).  The 
installers available from our webpage contain the  netcdf-c libraries, without 
fortran support.

What you have described sounds correct, although the precompiled netcdf-c 
libraries were built using MSVC 2010; I do not know for sure that they are 
compatible with MSVC 2013.  It may also be the case that the compiler cannot 
find the dependencies distributed with the netcdf-c install; when you ran the 
installer, you will find a folder labeled 'deps' in the same location as the 
other netcdf files.  Inside this folder are various .dll/.lib files which 
netcdf-c is dependent upon.  You may need to specify this directory under 
Linker: General: Additional Library directories.  

I hope this helps,


> Hello,
> I have a very basic question about how to install NetCDF for use with Fortran 
> in Visual Studio 2013. When I try to compile in Visual Studio, I get the 
> following error message: "Error #11018: Cannot open netcdf.lib". I do have 
> the path to the lib folder specified in Visual Studio under Property Pages: 
> Linker: General: Additional Library Directories, and netcdf.lib is specified 
> in Property Pages: Linker: Input: Additional Dependencies. I assume I'm 
> missing some critical step related to netcdf.lib, but I have no idea what it 
> is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Sarah Praskievicz, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Geography
> University of Alabama

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