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[netCDF #FNY-378971]: some confusion in my program


Running your program with a non existent file did not cause any error message 
on my end, as the code did not properly catch the errmsg, nor did it terminate 
on an error status.

I made the following modification to your subroutine 'check':

 subroutine check(status)
    integer, intent ( in) :: status

    if(status /= nf90_noerr) then
       Print *, "The status is: ", status, "errormsg: ", errmsg
    end if
  end subroutine check

This causes the program to fail with error 2, 'no such file or directory', when 
running with a non-existent file.

I hope this helps,


> Hello:
> Attachment is my program and the data.
> The program was working well before. However, there exist some confusion
> about the program recently. When I intended to obtain information
> about a non existing file, the program also was excuted successfully
> without giving any error message. Additionally, if the target file is
> existing, the code works well as before, exporting information to the
> file "information_about_nc". You can replace any non existing file in
> the line 6 for test.
> PS: My netcdf C API is and fortran API is 4.2. The compilers
> are intel fortran and C, packaged by composer_xe_2013.1.117.
> Thanks for any hint

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