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[netCDF #TIN-924555]: netCDF Fortran

Hello Rafael,

We do not currently support netcdf-fortran on Windows.  We have CMake support 
for linux/OSX, but it has not yet been officially expanded to support Visual 
Studio-based builds, although this is on our task list for the short-to-medium 
future.  Some of our users have had luck building netcdf-fortran manually, but 
I'm afraid I do not have any experience with it.

In regards to compiling the C libraries first; the netcdf-c libraries are 
required by the netcdf-fortran libraries, so it would be necessary to install 
them.  You should be able to compile them by hand with CMake, using the 
instructions found here:


I have recently gone through the process of building netcdf with Visual Studio 
2013, and could help with instructions, or perhaps even providing an install 
package which contained libnetcdf for use with VS2013.  Unfortunately, this 
will not help you with netcdf-fortran.

I'm sorry I cannot provide a more positive answer regarding netcdf-fortran with 
Visual Studio.


> Dear Sir/Madame,
> I'm trying to use netCDF on Visual Studio 2013, with Intel Parallel Studio
> XE 15. I can't use the module (code line: USE netCDF) because I can't
> install it. I was searching for solutions at the forum, but the solutions I
> found just gave me more doubts about how to use it.
> Is there an easy way to install netCDF Fortran Libraries in Windows and
> just use it in my project? All the solutions I found where using CMake, or
> compiling C libraries first in Visual Studio and it all just make me feel
> lost.
> I hope you can help me.
> Best Regards,
> --
> Rafael Cavalcanti

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