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[netCDFJava #TIC-922637]: Can't get past 'Server does not support byte ranges'


The problem actually occurs because you are giving NetCDF-java a bad URL. In 
your example code you pass the URL:


This URL just points to an XML file, causing NetCDF-java to attempt to open 
using an HTTP file handler, producing the error. However, what you really want 
to pass (I expect) is:


I don't have access to your server to actually test, but I'd expect this URL to 
give you much better results.

Hope this helps,


> I am using netCDF-java for the first time and have access to datasets on a 
> Thredds server.  I have a maven project with edu.ucar.cdm 4.5.3 as a 
> dependency.  I have copied one of the examples in the documentation to 
> connect to one of the Thredds netCDF datasets available to me (code 
> attached), but I can't get past the IOException 'Server does not support byte 
> ranges'.
> I have found this useful mail archive: 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/mailing_lists/archives/netcdf-java/2013/msg00081.html,
>  which doesn't explicitly say that I should get an exception if my server 
> does not support byte ranges.
> Since I am not an admin on the Thredds server, is there any way I can use the 
> netCDF-java library to consume the netCDF datasets it makes available?  Or is 
> it mandatory for the Thredds server to support byte ranges and to broadcast 
> it in the header?

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