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Re: TDS questions

hi dean:

for subsetting, you can use CFGridWriter if its gridded data.

theres no way to stream a netcdf4 file. you have to write it to disk, then copy to stream. could use a SSD for performance.

The TDS ncss service does this for you, but can be slow. If thats not a problem you could use the TDS as a backend for a program that knows how to stuff it into a JMS queue, or whatever you want to do with it.


On 6/3/2014 9:51 AM, Ericson, Dean - 0443 - MITLL wrote:

I was hoping you might clear up some questions for me.  I am currently
looking to take a  netcdf 4 file, subset it by a bounding box, then put
that file onto a JMS topic.  I was wondering if I was duplicating
existing TDS functionality.  As I read the TDS documentation, it looks
as though this is something that TDS can do;  specifically the
subsetting and netcdf file streaming.  I know subsetting exists as a
service, but is there a way to stream the compressed information where a
client on the other side can then decompress it and write it to disk if
desired?  My hope is that by contacting you I can cease duplicate
efforts if they already exist.

Thank you,

Dean Ericson

Dean Ericson

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

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