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[netCDFJava #LOE-612985]: Nexrad decoding errors


If I hadn't done this particular problem so many times, it wouldn't have been 

Glad we got you up and running!


> Ryan,
> Typically, one might be insulted by a statement like 'rudimentary map 
> projection'.... but since that is exactly what was giving me the problem, I 
> am sitting here with my hands over my face slightly embarrassed.  I will 
> admit, though, that I had suspected it was projection.    In other words, my 
> conversion was NOT robust and I forgot to do the adjustments of the longitude 
> spacing based on latitude.... That is now fixed!
> FWIW, I havenât dealt with programming of this nature in nearly 20 years.. 
> and even then, I used Gempak.  This was a great refresher course for me; one 
> that would have failed without your help.  With that said, thanks a ton for 
> helping me out.   I'm guessing you provided 'higher than average' tech 
> support to me so I want you to know that it is appreciated.
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> The math overall looks correct. My guess is that your difference comes from 
> km2deg(), which I'm assuming is converting your range to lat/lon degrees. 
> This sounds like a rudimentary map projection, which is probably where you 
> differ from WCT. Since range is a polar variable, I'm not sure that 
> converting it to degrees is robust, since even the most simple conversion 
> would likely differ for N/S degrees vs. E/W degrees. Either way, I don't 
> think you're having any problems with the data I/O or netcdf. Good luck with 
> the MatLab!

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