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[netCDF #TEQ-670685]: error during LibMesh compile


Something I didn't notice before may be the cause of the problem.

It appears as if a test script in the netcdf-c sources has been
changed, perhaps inadvertantly.  Lines 7-8 of ncgen3/run_tests.sh
should be:

  echo "*** creating classic file c0.nc from c0.cdl..."
  ./ncgen3 -b -o c0.nc $srcdir/c0.cdl

but from the output you sent, it looks they have been changed to

  echo "*** creating classic file c0.nc <http://c0.nc> from c0.cdl..."
  ./ncgen3 -b -o c0.nc <http://c0.nc> $srcdir/c0.cdl

and similarly for the test script ncgen3/run_nc4_tests.sh, which
seems to have a similar change to

  echo "*** creating netCDF-4 file c0_4.nc <http://c0_4.nc> from c0.cdl..."
  ./ncgen3 -k3 -b -o c0_4.nc <http://c0_4.nc> $srcdir/c0.cdl

We certainly don't have any occurrence of the string "<http://c0";
anywhere in the ncgen3 sources, so I can't reproduce the output and
segmentation fault you are seeing.

Can you check that those two testing scripts in your sources match what
they should be here:


If they match, the output you sent is inconsistent with what's in the scripts.

If they don't match, perhaps some errant editing script modified the files ...


> While compiling libMesh I got these failed tests related to netCFD.
> Apparently they prevent me from using Exodus in libMesh.
> *** Testing ncgen3.
> *** creating classic file c0.nc <http://c0.nc> from c0.cdl...
> ../../../../../contrib/netcdf/v4/ncgen3/run_tests.sh: line 8:
> 37560 Segmentation fault: 11  ./ncgen3 -b -o c0.nc
> <http://c0.nc> $srcdir/c0.cdl
> FAIL: run_tests.sh
> *** Testing ncgen3 for netCDF-4.
> *** creating netCDF-4 file c0_4.nc <http://c0_4.nc> from c0.cdl...
> ../../../../../contrib/netcdf/v4/ncgen3/run_nc4_tests.sh: line
> 8: 37581 Segmentation fault: 11  ./ncgen3 -k3 -b -o c0_4.nc
> <http://c0_4.nc> $srcdir/c0.cdl
> FAIL: run_nc4_tests.sh
> ================================================
> 2 of 2 tests failed
> Please report to address@hidden
> <mailto:address@hidden>
> ================================================
> Can you see what is going wrong here?
> Thanks for helping,
> Lorenzo
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