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Re: Grib Table Hell (part 1)

Hi Kevin:

Thanks for the docs. Theres quite a bit of info we dont have, though we were working on another file last year with table version 133.

In the file you sent, there are 19 records, of which 10 have local overrides that we dont yet recognize.

Do you have any idea if any of these tables are available in any kind of machine readable format, eg csv or fixed width ascii? Word docs are unfortunately not machine readable.

It turns out I dont yet have an easy way to override the table 5 local extensions. I will be adding that asap, and ill let you know when we have something that can read these.


On 5/9/2014 8:30 AM, HAVENER, KEVIN F GS-12 USAF AFWA 14 WS/WXED wrote:
can you send me an example file, and also a description of what the new
time ranges are?

Here are some documents that describe the AFWA tables.  The 20081202
document has the definitive version of table 128 for subcenter 2 which is
used in the file I'm sending you in a few minutes.

The Table 5 in question at the moment are on page 86 (132 and 133).  Looking
through the documents, I can't see any changes in table 5 and the latest
document has the most description of table 5.

The other two documents show updates since then.  Subcenter 2 table 128 was
incremented to 129 in  the 20091113 document.  In the 20140107 document,
subcenter 2 table was incremented to 131, and I noticed subcenter 1 was
incremented to from 131 to 133.  I don't know if there was a subcenter 2,
130 table nor a subcenter 1 table 132.  Probably, but I don't have them.  As
Eric Wise explained it to me, all tables remain valid.

Subcenters 1 & 2 tables (at least) will be incremented again this summer
when AFWA changes land use categories from USGS to MODIS-derived ones.

Kevin Havener, DAFC, 14WS/WXED Comm 828-271-4323; DSN 673-9044 NIPRNet address@hidden SIPRNet address@hidden

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