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[netCDFJava #BNA-191717]: chunking in Java

Hi Jeff,

How chunking and compression affect file size and read/write performance is a 
complex issue. I'm going to pass this along to our chunking expert (Russ Rew) 
who, I believe, is back in the office on Monday and should be able to provide 
you with some better advise than I can give.

In the mean time, here's an email he wrote in response to a conversation on the 
effect of chunking on performance that might be useful:


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.


Jeff Johnson wrote:
> Ethan-
> I made the changes you suggested with the following result:
> 10000 records, 8 bytes / record = 80000 bytes raw data
> original program (NetCDF4, no chunking): 537880 bytes (6.7x)
> file size with chunk size of 2000 = 457852 bytes (5.7x)
> So a little better, but still not good. I then tried different chunk sizes
> of 10000, 5000, 200, and even 1, which I would've thought would give me the
> original size, but all gave the same resulting file size of 457852.
> Finally, I tried writing more records to see if it's just a symptom of a
> small data set. With 1M records:
> 8MB raw data, chunk size = 2000
> 45.4MB file (5.7x)
> This is starting to seem like a lost cause given our small data records.
> I'm wondering if you have information I could use to go back to the archive
> group and try to convince them to use NetCDF3 instead.
> jeff

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