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Re: [thredds] Plus sign and global attributes.

Hi Phil:

I will automatically remove any "+" and replace with "and" in any GRIB names. This will be in latest 4.5.0. That should obviate any need for ncml.


On 3/19/2014 1:29 PM, Phil Cogbill (NOAA Affiliate) wrote:
Hey John,

Sorry for the delay.  We had an issue with one of our main disk systems
that required most of my time today and yesterday... I've had this draft
going in between different delays. The name does get changed to
  "Volumetric_soil_moisture_frozen_%2b_liquid_layer_between_two_depths_below_surface_layer" without 
any NcML.  With NcML it gets turned into both 
"Volumetric_soil_moisture_frozen_%2b_liquid_layer_between_two_depths_below_surface_layer" _and_ 
"Volumetric_soil_moisture_frozen_and_liquid_layer_between_two_depths_below_surface_layer".  I have 
attached a .zip file that has screen shots of the different parts of the OPeNDAP form.

*Files in the attached .zip file:*
*Plus - XML - service.txt* - Text file with the services for the dataset.
*Plus - XML (no NcML) - datasetScan.txt* - Text file with the
<datasetScan> and no NcML
*Plus - XML (NcML Added) - datasetScan.txt* - Text file of the
datasetScan with NcML added to fix the "+" in the name
*Plus - OPeNDAP Form (no NcML) Global Attributes.00.png* - Image with
global attributes from datasetScan without NcML.
*Plus - OPeNDAP Form (no NcML) - Variable Listing.00.png* - Image with
variable listing without NcML
*Plus - OPeNDAP Form (NcML added) Global Attributes.00.png* - Image with
global attributes from datasetScan with NcML
*Plus - OPeNDAP Form (NcML Added) - Variable Listing.00.png* - Image of
first variable with NcML added (same OPeNDAP form)
*Plus - OPeNDAP Form (NcML Added) - Variable Listing.01.png* - Image of
variable with NcML listed a second time (same OPeNDAP form)

If there is anything else, please let me know.  This is a dataset that
has a featureCollection as well. Here is the text from that...

   <!-- NARR-A - PoR Feature Collection Aggregation
========================= -->
   <featureCollection name="NARR-A - Feature Collection"
     featureType="GRIB" >

     <metadata inherited="true">



       <documentation type="summary">
         North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) is an extension of
the NCEP
         Global Reanalysis run only over the North American Region. The NARR
         model uses the very high resolution NCEP Eta Model (32km/45
layer) with
         the Regional Data Assimilation System (RDAS) which, significantly,
         assimilates precipitation along with other variables.

       <documentation type="rights">



     <collection name="NARR_A_FC"

       timePartition="1 year"
       dateFormatMark="#narr-a_221_#yyyyMMdd_HHmm" />

     <tdm startup="true" trigger="allow" />

     <gribConfig datasetTypes="Best Files" />


This comes right after the service in the *Plus - XML - service.txt
*file.  It too has the same issue with the plus as the other
datasetScans have.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can
supply you from my end.  I wish there was an easy way to get you to view
this service from your place.  :-(  Again, I am very sorry for the
delayed response, but our disk systems decided to go on vacation without

Thanks John!!!

Phil Cogbill (Government Contractor) Senior Architect, STG, Inc. NOAA's National Climatic Data Center Climate Services and Monitoring Division Data Access and Applications Branch

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On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 6:46 PM, John Caron <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

    On 3/17/2014 12:58 PM, Phil Cogbill (NOAA Affiliate) wrote:

             2. assuming "Volumetric_soil_moisture_____frozen_+_liquid"
             exists in the datase, i think*

             <variable name="Volumetric_soil_____moisture_frozen_and_liquid"
                  orgName="Volumetric_soil_____moisture_frozen_+_liquid" />

             *should have worked. Check you are looking at the variable
        name, not
             the description.*

Im guessing that the real name is something like:


    no longer


    as it was in 4.2.

    can you double check?

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