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[netCDFJava #QAX-163810]: Data Value Discrepancies Between Netcdf 4.2 and 4.3

> John,
> Thank you for getting back.
> I will take your advice and start the process of updating our netcdf-java 
> dependencies to version 4.3.
> In the meantime would you mind examining a specific file to hopefully 
> diagnose the nature of the discrepancies? I have been copying the file using 
> custom java code (adhering to the previously referenced tutorials) and the 
> netcdf tools UI jar (versions 4.2 and 4.3). My verification process has been 
> bringing the file's data into MATLAB using the freely available nctoolbox. 
> The data values brought into MATLAB were compared to the data values parsed 
> by the custom java code by dumping data values into a csv file, and found to 
> match in all instances. What did not match was the data values between 
> original files and those that had been copied using a 4.3 netcdf jar.
> I'm afraid that I do not have immediate access to an independent verification 
> process for the files under consideration, but I will look around and try to 
> see if there is one available. In the meantime what would be the best way for 
> me to get these files to you? Thanks!

if too big for email, could use an ftp or web server or dropbox?

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