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This is a possible bug report regarding


I am using this command

ncks -H -d lat,32.,28. -d lon,245.5.,248.7. http://pcmdi7.llnl.gov/thredds/dodsC/cmip5_css02_data/cmip5/output1/MPI-M/MPI-ESM-MR/historical/mon/ocean/Omon/r1i1p1/tos/1/tos_Omon_MPI-ESM-MR_historical_r1i1p1_200001-200512.nc test.nc

On the function NC_open in dfile.c

There is a variable named version

that is not initialized before being used with this case
this causes my compiler to exit (using Windows , Visual Studio)

int NC_open(const char *path, int cmode, int basepe, size_t *chunksizehintp, int useparallel, void* mpi_info, int *ncidp) { int stat = NC_NOERR; NC* ncp = NULL; NC_Dispatch* dispatcher = NULL; /* Need two pieces of information for now */ int model = 0; int isurl = 0; int version; enum FileType filetype;

The error happens because of this use of "version"

else if(model & NC_DISPATCH_NC3) {
     cmode &= ~NC_NETCDF4; /* must be netcdf-3 */
     if(version == 2) cmode |= NC_64BIT_OFFSET;

I tried to initialize

version = 0

to further debug this

/* Pass to OC */
   ocstat = oc_open(dapcomm->oc.urltext,&dapcomm->oc.conn);

this call returns no error

these calls

ocerr = ocfetch(state,constraint,dxdkind,flags,&root);

stat = readDDS(state,tree);

return an error code of -13

this call

/* fetch and build the unconstrained DDS for use as template */ ncstat = fetchtemplatemetadata3(dapcomm);

returns a error value of -68

I am not very familiar with the OC return codes, but this seems to be an issue with the URL or file , not a netCDF issue ?



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Here's the Jira ticket for the bug you reported:


A CDL file that triggers the bug is now only 13 lines, so I hope to be
able to fix this one soon ...


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